Universal Scrolling Pada Windows

Pakai linux? atau mungkin Mac OSX? mungkin anda sering merasakan melakukan scrolling mouse pada window yang sedang tidak fokus? Bagaimana? bisa kan itu dilakukan? Nah, sekarang saya tanya lagi, pakai windows juga? kalau tidak, tutup saja tab ini, karena kemungkinan besar, anda tidak membutuhkan ;)). Tapi, kalau anda juga pakai windows dan juga sering mencoba melakukan scrolling mouse pada window yang sedang tidak fokus saat itu. Anda pasti jengkel, karena itu tidak bisa dilakukan.

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Symbolic Link Pada Windows

Saya kerja pada banyak komputer dan beragam OS (padahal sih, cuma Windows 7 dan Ubuntu 😀 ). Seperti yang sudah sering kali saya twitkan dan juga saya tulis di blog ini, untuk sinkronisasi dan backup data, saya menggunakan dropbox. Salah satu yang saya sinkronisasi adalah log pidgin. Ini penting, karena sering kali catatan kerjaan atau task yang harus dihandle, ada di sana. Termasuk juga informasi-informasi lainnya. Untuk anda ketahui, log pidgin saya, ada dari sekitar pertengahan 2007 sampai sekarang.

Kalau kita pakai linux, sangat mudah mengakali penempatan log ini. Di linux, ada yang namanya symbolic link, yang secara kasar, bisa disebut shortcut. Cara yang saya lakukan adalah, memindahkan file $home/.purple/logs ke direktori dropbox, lalu membuat symlink dari dropbox tersebut, ke lokasi awal:

cd $home/.purple;
ln -s $path/to/logs/on/dropbox logs

Mudah kan? Ternyata, hal yang sama juga bisa dilakukan pada windows. Yaitu, dengan menggunakan perintah mklink:

mklink /D "C:\users\{username}\roaming\.purple\logs" "E:\my dropbox\somepath\purplelogs"

Hanya saja, ada sedikit limitasi. Perintah ini, hanya bisa dijalankan di windows vista ke atas dan pada partisi NTFS.


Find Your Computer Driver Easily

During several months having new PC, I was not aware of my operating system security. I did install anti virus, but after a while, my anti virus is not up-to-date. This causes my PC is infected with some virus, so I have to reinstall my operating system.

I tried to install my operating system. Replace the old Windows XP with the new Windows Vista. Because I think Windows Vista is more powerful than XP. And I hope Windows Vista is more resistant to virus attacks than XP.

The installation went smoothly until the time to install driver. I cannot find computer driver that match with my new operating system. After googling around, I find a site that provide the application that can scan our system then find the correct driver. The application has a huge database of computer driver with driver updates for many operating system.

You just have to download the application, purchase subscription key, then it will download drivers automatically and upgrade them in just 2 minutes. You don’t have to worry about the application security, because it is 100% safe.

With over 5 million drivers in the database, this application can assure the optimization of your computer performance. It also can backup your existing driver, so it’s easy to find when you need it sometime.


Wordpad Alternative For Linux

RTF, by far is the most useful format for writing notes. Well, what I really mean is some heavy notes that include some basic formatting like, bold, emphasize, underlining, custom size font, etc. On windows, you have the built in editor, wordpad. This editor is very simple in term of UI and feature completeness. But, that’s what wordpad works damn well for writing heavy notes. But, If you work on linux, you can’t easily find a good alternative that match wordpad’s ease of use, features and UI layout.

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Working with SVG File Extension

SVG or Scalable Vector Graphics is an open source image format. So the File Extension SVG can be applied in multiple operating system and software. File Extension SVG have the image’s data that coded in XML. With this XML data, or can be referred to as “human readable” languange, File Extension SVG can be examined without opening the file in any particular program.

Sometimes, it is difficult to find the program that will suit our need in manipulating File Extension SVG, because there are many programs that can manipulate it for free. If you only need to view File Extension SVG, the best program is your browser. If you want to create or edit this file extension, you can try Inkscape for free, or Microsoft’s Visio package.

To verify that you are working with File Extension SVG, you can open this file with your text editor. If a bunch of integers and equations formatted as XML can be read from it, then it is a File Extension SVG.


DJVU File Extension

A couple days ago, when I visited a lot of websites, I found .djvu file extension. My browser doesn’t support this kind of file extension, and there is a warning to install DJVU plug-ins if we want to see the image on DJVU format. Wow, it’s new for me, I thought that web developers only use .jpeg and .gif image format so the browser don’t have to install the plug-ins just to display the images.
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Fixing File Extension and Registry Problem

Sometimes when there is a new software launched, we want to know how it works, what is the difference with the other software that has the same functions, is that new software user-friendly enough, etc. Unfortunately, this kind of experiments can lead to inconsistency and even broken registry.
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Finding tricky device drivers

My old PC with Intel Pentium 3 processor has been attacked by some virus and I have to format it and reinstall the operating system. Everything went smooth until time to install the drivers. Since I use Windows 98 for its operating system, the installation of the drivers can be somewhat tricky. I must find the USB driver, motherboard driver, sound card driver, display adapter driver, network adapter driver, printer driver and also modem driver.

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File Extension Repair

Someday, I got a problem with my windows box. I got so many application installed and uninstalled, which generate much inconsistency and broken file type. Hahaha, this is the result of my experiments. I really like to download and install so many application from internet. Just to know how it work, how they handle user experience, how the GUI laid out. What is the best GUI solution for some applications, etc.

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