My Blog 2011 Year In Review

Tidak terasa, tinggal sebentar lagi kita akan meninggalkan tahun 2011. Tulisan kali ini, akan membahas perjalanan blog selama tahun 2011. Secara statistik, ada 39 tulisan (40, kalau tulisan ini juga dihitung) yang hampir seluruhnya merupakan tutorial. Ini sudah diperkirakan, karena tujuan blog ini hadir, memang untuk menyebarkan ilmu yang saya punya. Bukan untuk curhat-curhat ndak jelas:D.

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Introducing: New, Powered By Tumblr Blog:

I’ve been thinking for a while to create a new blog. Sideblog to be exact. I’ve got 3 solution for this:

  1. Create new category and change my theme to display category on sidebar.
  2. Create new wordpress installation and feed contents to my sidebar
  3. Or use external blogging service and feed contents to my sidebar

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CR-Post2PingFM 0.9 Released

Hi, Lets start this month by releasing something cool! Do you happened to want to set custom message on your selected post? Something other than that’s already defined on Post2PingFM config? Something that is used only on that particular post?. Wait no more, in this release, I’ve implemented that functionality.

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CR Post2Pingfm 0.4 Released

Short notice:

  1. CR Post2Pingfm is now hosted on plugin repository.
  2. CR Post2Pingfm version 0.4 is released with new features:
    • Submit ping on all categories
    • Submit ping only on selected categories
    • Allow submit ping on all categories, except the forbidden
  3. Any comment, bug report, feature request is accepted.

Google Maps – City View Update

Surprised! that’s what I feel when visiting google maps this morning. Because, I can search city road around some Indonesian City and I found it!
Here’s an example of Jalan Semampir Selatan 2a, Surabaya, Indonesia:

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Gallery Update

Yosh, update lagi di gallery. Sekarang galeri sudah di gabung dengan blog. Tinggal bersih2 code dan commit ke svn. Iang, bentar lagi sepertinya lu bakal ada release terbaru nih. Oh iya, css-nya belum dibenerin. Nanti aja deh, sekarang udah pagi waktunya tidur.

UPDATE: I take down the gallery because:

  1. There is few visitor to that page
  2. I have facebook account in which I regularly (if I have, though) upload new photos to it