Seminggu Dengan Unity Desktop

Setelah beberapa bulan fulltime dengan windows karena tuntutan pekerjaan, minggu lalu saya mencoba berkotor-kotor lagi dengan ubuntu. Kali ini, saya ingin sekalian kotor dengan versi yang bleeding edge, yaitu ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal).

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Akses Galaxy 551 Melalui DDMS Pada Ubuntu 10.04

Dalvik Debug Monitor Server atau yang umum dikenal sebagai DDMS adalah teman paling baik pagi developer android. Bagaimana tidak? segala macam state dari device maupun emulatornya, bisa kita monitor dari sana. Namun, instalasi aplikasi ini, tidak selalu mudah di linux. Sebagai contoh, saya beberapa kali mencoba setting dari banyak tutorial, semuanya gagal. Akhirnya harus kombinasi tutorial dari beberapa sumber, baru sukses.

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ImageShack Linux Uploader

Has been using imageshack for years, my only complain is the lack of desktop uploader for linux. However, few days ago, when I open up imageshack to upload some images, I stumble upon section called “More Ways to Upload”. Curious, I click it and I saw list of 3rd party apps. There’s an uploader for linux too!. A great feature that I find useful is, the ability to upload images into our account. So that I can delete some stuff that is no longer required. Oh, did I mention that it came in .deb? YES .DEB!


Test Your Site on Multiple Browser Using Adobe BrowserLab

Having Ubuntu as development environment is great! But, I things get complicated when I came to testing your site on IE. Yes, we can test it using IEs4lin project. But, my experience told me that the result is not quite the same as using IE on pure windows installation.

Yesterday, I got message from colleague at California. He told me about Adobe BrowserLab. A cool service from Adobe to test how our site looks on several web browser. It display the site like Pixel Perfect plugin for FireBug. Give it a try and you’ll be amazed!

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How To Move Apache’s Htdocs to Home Directory

For me, as developer, working with apache on home directory is the preferred way than working on default installation directory. To move your htdocs to home dir, you can follow this simple step.

  1. Create directory on your home dir, for the sake of this tutorial, let’s call it wwwroot.
  2. Change htdocs location at /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default to your ~/wwwroot by editing every occurence of /var/www into /home/{username}/wwwroot. Replace {username} with your own username.
  3. Change apache’s running user to your username by editing APACHE_RUN_USER value to your username at /etc/apache2/envvars
  4. restart your apache server by executing sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart.

  5. You should now have successfully moved your htdocs into your home directory.


How To Prevent Someone From Executing xkill

From wikipedia entry:

Xkill is a utility program distributed with the X Window System that instructs the X server to forcefully terminate its connection to a client, thus “killing” the client.

Someone at id-ubuntu mailing list asked how to prevent someone from executing xkill. After reading this, my evil mind popped a solution >:).

My strategy is rather simple, you rename that xkill and move it somewhere else and put a script in place of xkill. Here’s the run down:

  1. rename xkill and move it somewhere else: sudo mv /usr/bin/xkill /etc/init.d/llikx_hide
  2. put a script in place of xkill:
    sudo touch /usr/bin/xkill
    sudo chmod 555 /usr/bin/xkill
    sudo nano /usr/bin/xkill

    Put this script:

    logger "I'm trying to execute xkill";//logger will automatically save user who execute logger 
    zenity --info --text "What are you doing?\nxkill execution is locked and logged\!" --title "Operation failed";
  3. There you go. Everytime someone trying to execure xkill, they will see popup window.


Multiple Boot Partition Tips

Yesterday, I had a chance to install ubuntu 9.10 ‘karmic koala’ on my laptop. Having read several online reviews made me rethink my strategy. Previously, whenever there’s new ubuntu release, I will always do fresh install. Now, several minor but annoying bug appeared in reviews where I had similar hardware :(. Kind of annoying, but, I’ll still try it.

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Dropbox Trick: Symbolic Link For Your Convenient

Trick I share here is about to obsolete once “Watch any folder support (configurable per host)” feature in Feature Request is implemented. Anyway, if you can’t wait for that feature to be implemented, you can follow my trick here.

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Remote Backup In Ubuntu Using Dropbox

Have you ever been in situation where, says, you want to work on some files, but the hard drive is broken? Or, you go on vacations or some remote location. You need to work on files on your PC, but you didn’t brought the PC/laptop nor the data with you? I experienced this kind of situations.

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