Free Online Source Code Repositories

As developer, having so many code spread all over the places with little or no documentation at all is PITAS. Therefore you need to maintain and version your files. Below is some free source code repositories that support private repositories on free account.

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Some Resources About Designing For Mobile Web

As more and more mobile devices used for browsing sites. It’s inevitable that we will need to provide a version of our sites intended for mobile devices. Here’s some resources that you might want to see or learn

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7 Samples Of Professional PHP/Programmer Resume

I was in the way of fixing my current online resume and I though a few googling would reveal some good samples. I found some and though out that someone out there might be needed this resources as well. Here it is:

  1. Stan Taylor
  2. A.J. Brown
  3. Mike Brittain
  4. Alan T. Miller
  5. A nice one page resume featuring C’thulhu.
  6. An example from Best Sample Resume
  7. Another example from Programmer Resume