[CR]Post2PingFM Plugin Ported To [CR]HelloTXTExtended

Hello there, users of [CR]Post2PingFM!. I know how frustrating it is when my old plugin is no longer working due to incompetence people at ping.fm / seesmic. Yes, incompetence, because of bad people, they had to shutdown the whole plugin. Not just that particular bad people :(.

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Dua Plugin Baru [CR]PostWarning dan [CR]PaidLinkManager

Bingung juga cari-cari bahan tulisan yang asik. Mau melanjutkan tulisan berseri mengenai IMAP+PHP kok ya kena writer’s block. Ujung-ujungnya malah jadi dua plugin ;)). Yup, dalam 15 hari (eh, bener gak ya? yang pasti sih gak lebih dari satu bulan) dapat dua plugin wordpress. [CR]PaidLinkManager dan [CR]PostWarning.

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Cara menggunakan Kode PHP Sebagai Isi Widget

PHP dengan widgetnya memang sangat memanjakan pengguna. Selain menjadi sangat fleksibel dalam menambah maupun mengurangi informasi yang ingin ditambahkan di suatu halaman. Seperti yang sudah saya tulis di posting terdahulu, tentang cara menampilkan widget pada kondisi tertentu. Juga sangat mengurangi akses langsung ke template, yang secara otomatis juga membuat lebih mudah proses update template (bila menggunakan template dari repositori wordpress).

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Cara Menampilkan Widget Hanya Pada Kondisi Tertentu

Widget pada wordpress merupakan suatu feature yang sangat indah. Karena, hal ini sangat memudahkan dalam menambah maupun mengurangi informasi tambahan pada suatu website. Sebab, tidak perlu mengubah template untuk bisa menambah, daftar komentar terbaru, misalkan. Tapi, hal ini juga cukup menyulitkan, bila kita ingin menampilkan widget pada kondisi tertentu.

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[CR]Post2PingFM Update

Hi there, now that my plugin is back in business, I need few people to be beta tester for my newest release. If you would like to take the challenge, you can contact me at [email protected] and send me mail with ‘[cr-post2pingfm]Beta Tester Help‘ subject in it. Another news would be, I’ve created a dedicated support forum using UserEcho’s Open Source package. FYI, it’s a great service for creating support forum for your product. Go ahead, try it.

On a side note, I’ve received many complain that sometimes post are not submitted to ping.fm. I think I’ve addressed the problem in my soon to be released versions. Please be patience, or maybe you can submit yourself as beta tester.


CR-Post2PingFM 0.10 Released

Hi there, sorry for the last broken release. Turns out it was my mistake. I accidentally added ‘debug’ parameter to user.post:(. I realize this after downloading python API and test it with my new API_KEY. Yes, the old one is suspended and then deleted by ping.fm. But, I got the new one about 2 weeks after that.

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Add Custom Column To Media Page

How do you get full image URL in Media Library? I bet you will go through this step:

  1. Go to Media » Library
  2. On Media Library list, click file name.
  3. Form Edit Media appeared. Select File URL and use it.

For single image operation, this should be enough. But, if you did have a lot of pictures, this operation would be very annoying. For this, I have a simple solution. With a few lines of code that later summarized into a plugin. Then you will have a way to access the images directly from the Media Library.

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Adsense under Image: Reloaded

A few month ago, my friend Jauhari contacted me, asking specific question about a wordpress plugin called Adsense Under Image. At that time, I crawl the code and though that it would be cool if it can have multiple images and or set randomly where the adsense code appeared. I try to contact the developer to submit my idea. But, the website listed is dead and the plugin itself is now aged more than 2 years. Now became dead site:(.

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Loading Contact-Form-7 Plugin Outside Post/Page/The_Loop

Hi, just want to share little snippet. I was developing wordpress site for my client and I want to use Contact-Form-7 (CF7) to speed-up my development time. I need to add form (custom form) outside the loop / post / page content. From CF7’s documentation, there’s no single text explaining how to do it.

So, I guess I have to get my hand dirty by crawling the code. Here’s how I do that.
From anywhere on wordpress theme files, put this code to display your CF7 form:

<?php echo do_shortcode ( '

' ); ?>