So, Google Forget You? Don’t Worry, We’ve Got You Covered!

Do you use android for daily browsing the internet? Is it running ICS (or below)? Using chrome? or maybe stock browser? Though luck! you are in trouble my friend!

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#MozKopdarMKS Event Report

This week, here in Indonesia, we will have Indonesian Linux Conferences. Me and Yofie was invited to have some Firefox OS workshop on the event. Since the location will be held in Sinjai and to go there, we will passing by Makassar, we though, why not help meetup with mozillians from there. Just say hi and share latest updates from Mozilla. Also talk about the possibility to became contributors to various Mozilla’s products. Or just to spead the awesome missions we have.

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LoFi-NoFi Maker Party In The Park

Last month, we, Mozilla Indonesia, have unexpected guess from Germany (and Japan!). Michelle Thorne, who is Mozilla’s Global Strategist for Webmaker Mentor team and currently living in Germany and Gen Kanai as Asia Community Engagement. Since Michelle is in Webmaker team, it would be great to offer her some Maker party experience while in Indonesia. In that regard, we scramble ideas on what to do and how to do it. Took us 12 hours to wrap the ideas from activity type, picking location, budgeting, and meals. Remember, when we have Shinta on the team, meals is priority number 1!

Due to time constraint and cost limit, we choose to have offline event. Actually, this is an opportunity to us to experiment on LoFi-NoFi maker party. Next issue, to have offline event, we’ll have to choose open space that is big enough and crowded. We ended up choosing Taman Suropati. The time would be around lunch time. Meals will be Rara, Ina, and Shinta’s responsibility. Having all the planning wrapped up, we move to #MozKopdarJKT to have meetup with local mozillians community in Jakarta.

On the next day (August 30th), around 8AM, me and Fauzan was tasked to tag the location so that, the specific part of the park will be in our possesion for the duration of the event. We call it #MozPicnic, because we did picnic in the park :). Around 9AM, Fadhil came with table cloth and standing banner. On 10AM, Rara, Michelle, Shinta and Ina came with snacks and meals. Around 11AM, participants starting to come one-by-one, also Yofie came around this time. Sometimes later, Andi ‘Belutz’ came to join us.

Maker Party

At about 12PM, we started the Offline Maker Party. The first activity was called “Catch The Signal”. It teaches the participant the concept of computer network. How packet moves from one computer to another computer via hub / router. It also teaches what happen when there are firewall or broken networks. The signal in this case is balls made out of scrapped papers.

Next activity, we play “human programming”. What is it? we… it’s kinda bullying people to do what we want :D. You ask a person to do something and the person must do the exact request.

Maker Party

After having fun bullying participants (sorry guys, we do have fun! :D) we move to another activity called “human html tag”. In this activity, we divide participants into groups of 5 person. Each person in the group will be given certain html tag. After all person have tag, we put them all in one big group, randomize their position. After they are randomize, we ask them to go back to their own group and while going back, they have to sort the tags in the right order. It is so fun looking at participants sorting their self :D.

Maker Party

The last activity, we (again) divide participants into groups of 5. In this activity called “Make an App”, we ask participants to discuss a problem and make an app based on their discussion. At the end, we have 3 interesting apps created on paper.

Maker Party

Throughout the day, we have so much fun doing these activity even without internet. We get in touch with actual people, enjoying the park, while at the same time, we learn so much! This successful experiment has lead us to try to replicate it in another cities. So… wait for news from us for another LoFi-NoFi maker party near your area :).

Maker Party

WebMaker Mentor Training Program

Last week, I flew from my home town, Malang, to Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, to attend Indonesia’s first WebMaker Mentor Training program. I was very fortunate to be able to attend this, since I was unable to attend the first day of the event due to family business.

This event was created to prepare Indonesian Reps to be able to duplicate Webmaker event efficiently and massively in their local city. Because Indonesia has very large continents spread along equatorial line, this event will help very much.

Training that day was started with Ice breaking by EATING MozCheeseBalls! yay! 😀


After this (of, before? dunno, can’t remember) we split into two teams. Mine was with: @kemiri, @yofiesetiawan, @ssetiawan, @belutz.

Then we continue with Remixathon. In this session, we explore the following questions:

  • Who in your community do you care about teaching? Why?
  • What skills or knowledge do you want to share with them?
  • How would this knowledge benefit them?
  • How can you share this experience with your peers?

We answer it on post-its and put it on papers. And then, we sorted if out into related categories.

Done with remixing our though, we have a break to pray and eat our swags! Yes, the swags was foods! another YAY!



While finishing swags, we explain our remixathon ideas.

Webmaker Mentor Training @ Jakarta - Day 2
It’s hard to explain while eating

Webmaker Mentor Training @ Jakarta - Day 2
It’s even harder to listening while eating 😀

We also have a jam session, playing Metallica’s Enter Sandman:



Done with the whole remixathon session, we continue the training with making teaching kit and activity. Our teaching kits was focused on Indonesia’s diverse travel destinations.

Webmaker Mentor Training @ Jakarta - Day 2

Webmaker Mentor Training @ Jakarta - Day 2

Webmaker Mentor Training @ Jakarta - Day 2

Webmaker Mentor Training @ Jakarta - Day 2

And the obligatory group photo 😀
Webmaker Mentor Training @ Jakarta - Day 2


MozKopdarMKS April 2014

MozKopdar kedua tahun ini setelah bulan Januari kemarin mengadakan MozKopdar di Malang. Kali ini, saya diundang oleh mentor untuk mengadakan MozKopdar di Makassar. Cukup jauh dari kota asal :D.

MozKopdar kali ini saya sharing tentang Firefox OS. Menjelaskan apa itu Firefox OS, kesempatan apa yang bisa diperoleh oleh dari Firefox OS, dan juga membantu menerangkan kepada peserta yang masih kurang jelas.

Di sini juga ada peserta yang bertanya hal teknis sampai harus buka laptop dan training singkat on location. Memang, kalau ngomongin Firefox OS, paling mudah dengan praktek langsung 😀

Overall acara cukup menyenangkan. Suasana cafe-nya juga asik. Menu makanannya juga OK (y). Semoga bisa mengadakan MozKopdar lagi di Makassar (lirik-lirik mentor #eh).




Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 12.49.32 PM


Firefox OS AppDays Makasar

Bulan lalu, tepatnya tanggal 19 April 2014 untuk pertama kalinya saya menginjakkan kaki di tanah Makassar :D. Di sana saya didapuk untuk sharing mengenai bagaimana cara memulai membuat aplikasi Firefox OS di kampus Universitas Ujung Pandang.

Ada sekitar 30 orang yang ikut workshop yang serius tapi santai ini. Kebanyakan adalah mahasiswa PNUP dan ada beberapa orang dari komunitas blogger Makassar.

Workshop kali ini, seperti juga workshop Firefox OS sebelum2nya, peserta terlihat sangat antusias dan aktif bertanya. Ada banyak pertanyaan-pertanyaan teknis yang ditanyakan, diantaranya: bagaimana cara menyimpan data di aplikasi? Apa bisa pakai mysql? Apa bisa pakai PHP? Pertanyaan-pertanyaan ini akan saya jabarkan jawabannya di posting tersendiri :). So, stay tuned…

Berikut ini beberapa foto selama workshop.





MozKopdarMLG Januari 2014

Pada acara Wikufest3 bulan Januari kemarin, kami dari MozReps juga mengadakan MozKopdar. Namun, dikarenakan kondisi Malang yang masih musim hujan dan juga kurangnya waktu untuk melakukan pengumuman dan pemilihan tempat, akhirnya kami sepakat untuk mengadakan event ini di kantin sekolah SMK Telkom Sandy Putra.

Acara ini bisa dibilang cukup ramai, ada sekitar 60an peserta yang ikut datang meramaikan. Di sini, kak Yofie sharing mengenai program-program Mozilla, seperti Popcorn dan Thimble. Ada sedikit demo juga mengenai cara penggunaan Popcorn. Kak Yofie membuat mashup dari video “Senam Yang Iya-Iyalah”.

Berikut ini saya sertakan beberapa foto selama event.

2014-01-25 19.56.27

2014-01-25 20.55.07

2014-01-25 20.06.18

2014-01-25 21.30.42


Memperkenalkan Keon di MozKopdarMLG

Hai semua… maaf baru bisa menuliskan report sekarang. Setelah selesai MozKopdar, saya ternyata disibukkan dengan urusan kantor yang lumayan menguras pikiran. Selain itu juga terbentur puasa, lalu lebaran. Oh, karena masih dalam suasana lebaran, saya mau mengucapkan:

Taqabalallahu minna waminkum
Mohon maaf lahir dan bathin


Tanggal 5 Juli yang lalu, saya, sebagai MozRep yang pertama di Malang, mengadakan MozKopdar untuk memperkenalkan proyek2 Mozilla yang terbaru dan juga menunjukkan Keon, salah satu developer device Firefox OS, ke masyarakat Malang. Kalau ingin melihat secara lebih lengkap, proses unboxing pernah saya publish di akun Google+.

Selain itu, saya juga sedikit menjelaskan proyek-proyek dan inisiatif Mozilla, salah satunya Popcorn dan Thimble. Juga, saya jelaskan tentang WebFWD, inisiatif Mozilla untuk membantu startup yang berhubungan dengan teknologi HTML5 dan web untuk bisa maju lebih cepat. Penjelasan lebih detail mengenai apa saja Popcorn dan Thimble, serta juga WebFWD akan saya tuliskan di tulisan terpisah.

Berikut beberapa foto suasana MozKopdar yang terekam:

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