Cara Bodoh Mengakali Akses Website Yang Di Blok

Disclaimer: Apa yang saya tuliskan disini ditujukan untuk sistem operasi linux dengan distro ubuntu. Jangan tanya cara implementasinya di Windows.

Tip kali ini, kita akan menggunakan dua jalur koneksi internet. Pertama, menggunakan koneksi asli (biasanya sih koneksi kantor ;)) ) yang memblok suatu situs. Kedua, koneksi backup untuk mem-bypass blok suatu situs. Saya sendiri untuk koneksi backup menggunakan telkomsel flash *BE, Kawos!*, karena koneksi kantor lebih cepat ;)).

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How To Create MySQL Database on Ubuntu

So, you have choose to live with ubuntu. That’s great! But you came from windows world where there’s so many mysql frontend application in which you are able to create table easily. That’s OK, we also have many mysql front-end applications in linux.

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Dynamic DNS Using No-IP

I got a case where I need to access my laptop at home. I did have a xmpp client active at home that act as chatbot where I can chat with and give it specific command for me to get whatever report I want from my laptop. But, this chatbot is limited in term of funcionality. So, I needed another solution for another problem where my chatbot can’t handle it.

Here come the DDNS part. This time, we will use No-IP as our DNS provider. So, how do we use the solution? first, you have to register to the site, activate your account email and login.

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Split MP3 Files in Linux

Previously, I’ve write something about getting audio files from flv video using avidemux (written in Bahasa Indonesia). Sometimes, this file could have some unneeded beginning or ending audio that we would like to trim it. There’s so many GUI application in Windows world. But, here, in linux environment, GUI selection of this tools is not available or rather limited (in term availability and functionality).

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Minggu-minggu terakhir ini saya sering banget download film via torrent. Sebagai orang Indonesia yang gak terlalu jago listening english, otomatis butuh subtitle dong. Nah, dulu, ketika butuh subtitle tujuan utama pasti google dulu. Tapi, sulitnya cari di google itu, sering kali subtitle yang ditemui tidak cocok dengan film yang ada. Kadang terlalu cepat, kadang terlalu lambat. Istilahnya, gak singkron antara suara dengan subtitle yang keluar. Solusinya bisa aja sih di singkronkan pake software2 subtitle yang banyak beredar di Internet (kalau pakai windows) atau tinggal apt-get install.

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aqualung simpleIf you are frequent reader in this blog, you may know that I’m an amarok user. You may ask, why a gnome user use amarok as it’s music player. Well, up until now (or yesterday to be exact) I don’t find a good and intuitive UI that match my need. All player that I tried either have too much feature that make it’s UI very complicated or it doesn’t have a good way to manage play-list the way I want. While the other have GUI that use skin that I don’t feel comfortable using it. Yeah, I’m talking about xmms and the like of it.

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Tomboy Addin:Read Only Note

Sometime, you want to make certain notes to be read only. You don’t want to accidentally modify those precious notes. It’s sad to know that tomboy doesn’t have this functionality. Luckily, tomboy have addin support and with some C# knowledge you will be able to create it.

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Creating Evolution Mail Send Shortcut on Ubuntu / Gnome

I use gmail, but I don’t use email client to read it. But, from time to time, I have a moment where I have to send email ASAP. Open firefox then open gmail doesn’t really help much if you are on condition where network connection is limited and slow. Therefor, I need a solution for this. You might experience this, when you click or accidentally click some email link on some application, an a compose message window appear. HA!, I think I have to use this as my solution.

I search for email link that’s click-able on some application. After that, I look at ps aux on stjerm and search for some clue. After some scroll up-down on ps result, I guess I found that the command is evolution mailto:[[email protected]]. Now, I add new applet to panel with step:

  1. right click on top panel
  2. choose Add to Panel...
  3. select Custom Application Launcher
  4. click on Add button
  5. Enter Evolution Mail Send on Name and enter evolution mailto: on Command box.
  6. Fill in comment if you want
  7. Click OK
  8. You should see a new icon on your top panel

Note: You have to an account to your evolution to be able to send email. There’s plenty resource on the net to help setting gmail account on evolution. If you just like me who only need a way to send without receive email, you just need to set the Sending Email Part.