Funny Comment on Dreamhost Status Update

Today, I receive RSS Update from dreamhost status telling me that the panel is temporarily unavailable due to some hardware problem.. I look at it and surprised by second comment from Raul:

No way!, i demand some waffles as compensation!. :)

The more I read the comment the more I’m surprised………….and laugh! =)). Funny, it is, to know the reaction of these people from knowing the fact that they can’t do their job because panel and web email client is down.

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Speed over Everything!

Ya, itu posting dari Andry tentang Hahaha, tipikal layanan detik!!!
Karena speed over everyting, jadi upload dulu, content benar itu urusan terakhir. Apa pasal? ternyata halaman Pendaftaran, Fitur, dan Kontak sama persis dengan halaman Sign Up, Features, dan Support dari

Nih, tak kasih contoh halaman ‘Fitur’ blogdetik dan ‘Features’ dari

Screenshoot diambil hari sabtu 2-feb-2008 jam 13:26 Siang.