Search Stackoverflow Right From Your Google Chrome

I just recently realized that you can search any content on stackoverflow, right from your chrome’s OmniBar. How you do that? We’ll you can follow this simple steps:

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Playing With Google’s Virtual Keyboard API

Several days ago I realize that google have been implementing it’s virtual keyboard in I know that google already rolling it on several non English languages. I got curious as to wether we will be able to leverage this feature to our own site or not. I know that there are several open source library for this. But, let’s stick with google API for now.

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Top 7 Gmail Labs Features I Can’t Live Without

As a Web-based email, gmail was cool. However, with the added features of gmail labs, it is now beyond awesomeness!. Lots of additional features that can be activated through google labs. Starting from ‘time killer’ game to feature that is greatly increases productivity.

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Gmail Notes For Easy Annotation

Everyday I receive so many emails at office. At first, I can keep up with it, I can star it or move it to some labels I have. Also, add several notes on it on my tomboy. But, in the end, I got overwhelmed. Gmail’s integrated task just don’t cut it. Luckily, after googling several keywords, I got landed on this beautiful service called gmail notes. I want to develop some simple greasemonkey script, actually. But, why should I build one, when someone out there already made it and it’s fulfil my needs? ;). This service does what I want. Add annotations to each gmail conversation I have. It even worked on gmail hosted application *YAY!*


Another Resource For Exercise

Being work in a boring, flat, and little challenge job will make your brain freeze. But, This week, google reader has give me some stuff that will keep me UP and running with something to play with. Here is several thing I would like to play with:

  • Dreamhost API!: I’m not gonna chase the $10000 prizes, I don’t have the time to do it. But, I think it would be cool to play with this API.
  • AppEngine JAVA Support: This is a BIG distraction to my python learning progress.
  • Language detection using Google AJAX API: Another API to play with. Btw, for wordpress developer and general web developer, you should subscribe to his feed. He has scripts and ideas to build something, in the better ways!

SMS Reminder From Google Calendar

Always missed your schedules? You want to have a reminder on your mobile phone but don’t have the feature? Don’t worry! We could use Google calendar as our schedule manager and activate it’s sms reminder’s feature. You can check if your current carrier is supported by google and activate the sms reminder. As far as I know, in most country, this feature is FREE of charge both from google and from carrier. So, enjoy!


Google Maps – City View Update

Surprised! that’s what I feel when visiting google maps this morning. Because, I can search city road around some Indonesian City and I found it!
Here’s an example of Jalan Semampir Selatan 2a, Surabaya, Indonesia:

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Google Search New Feature

I don’t khow when did they deploy this new little feature. Because I can’t find the info in the official google blog. Anyway, this feature is for some probably typo / accidental search. When you do that, google will display top 2 results in corrected keyword and the rest are results for your search. KUDOS to googler for this little feature. I really enjoy it!