Reset File Association in Linux From Nautilus

If you have ever experienced, for example, installing an application that turned out change the way how a file is opened. For example, to open a txt file in gnome, gedit is used. But, at a time, you install, geany or mousepad. When you want to open the txt file again, instead of calling gedit, system will call mousepad to open it.

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Using Geany’s VTE

As a PHP programmer and a linux user, I use shell a lot. You may asked, Why did PHP programmer need shell?. Well, I do use PHP, but most of it isn’t for HTML coding. It’s utilities for my job. Let’s say, I depend a lot on PHP-CLI. My job involve, edit script, run it, edit again, running it again, and so on. You see how tedious my job is. But, using geany, I can cut time on switching between editor and shell.

Geany has built in terminal emulator. You can use F4 to focus on it or select it’s tab on the bottom part of the editor. Press F2 to go back to editor area. And here’s the best part, geany is able to execute your PHP file right into the VTE panel. Just use F5, and cursor focus will move to VTE then launch php "your.file.php". Brilliant feature!. Oh, and there’s another use. I have several files on the same directory. With VTE, I can open it by executing command geany "" and it’ll opened on current geany instance!.

Disclaimer: All features and command described here is from the latest geany SVN trunk. I know geany that came from repository has VTE too, but I don’t know how it handle PHP execution mode.



What is geany? is it someone from Aladdin movie? Nope, this is not from any movie. Even it’s not somebody’s name. It’s a GTK text editor. To me, it’s by far the best text editor I’ve use. It has many feature, some of which is symbol (function, class, variable, etc) list, embedded terminal emulator, scribble for writing your note (could be used as snippet panel), build tools. You might wanna say that this feature are all available in other editor. But, geany have one good feature that, well, I would say it as hidden feature that not many editor has it. As a developer you might happen to encounter this condition, where you want to know where’s this variable or a piece of text used. You just need to write the information in find dialog and find all in documents. The messages panel will show you in which line this variable is used.

I’m use this editor since the time I discover it. Because it’s convenient to test my php / shell script directly from the editor with terminal emulator. Just F4 >> test >> F2 >> edit >> F4 >> test >> F2 >> edit >> and so on. Oh, i forgot to mention that this editor has color chooser dialog for you to pick when dealing with html or css. It also has plugin support. Auto-completion support is available too. So, why don’t you try it if you haven’t,  because it’s available in windows version too.

Nothing is 100% perfect. This goes too for geany. I miss a feature that’s implemented as plugin on kate, my previous text editor. That’s word completion plugin. This plugin work as auto completion but it take a list from text taken from current document. Hope someone implement this plugin for geany soon.