File Extension Playlist

There are many different file extensions that contain playlist data, such as .m3u (streaming media URL), pls (universal), and .asx (Windows Media streaming). Beside the extension that has been mentioned before, there is also .playlist file that can save a list of paths to particular playable music, movies and other media files.This file extension playlist can stored the information about title, album and artist so it can help the user to organize their media files.

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File Extension ICA

When you heard File Extension ICA, it could be three different extension file. First, it is an Image Object Content Architecture (IOCA) Graphics file. Second, it is a Citrix Independent Computer Architecture file. And third, it is an Identity Compass Answers file. The first definition is the most common.

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File Extension XML

XML stands for “Extensible Markup Language”. Markup languange means that this kind of language is decribing how a text should be formatted and structured. Markup languages is used by programmers, web designers, and also used for setting the layout of books, papers and articles. HTML or HyperText Markup Language is the most common example of markup language which follows the markup conventions.

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Converting Standard Email to HTML files

One day, I need to convert my emails to HTML files. First thing to do is getting File Extension Email from my emails. After googling around I found a software that can run like a POP server in my desktop, retrieving my .eml file extension from my Outlook Express. Sometimes Outlook Express only have .email files, but it can simply renamed as .eml so it can be retrieved. All I need to do is point my email client to this server and check my email. Then, File Extension Email is simply downloaded and ready to be converted.

Next thing to do is converting those .eml files to HTML files so it can be easier to use. With emltohtml I can just point to the folder where I put my .eml files and it simply return html files output. I can review the details of my email with this output, and even upload it to internet or intranet web site. In this form of files, email can be more friendly to look at.

Actually, emltohtml does read RFC-822 compliant email files, that normally have the .eml file extension. It then creates html files, links and copies the emails and also extracts the attachment. It simply reads and convert all from the emails.


Working with SVG File Extension

SVG or Scalable Vector Graphics is an open source image format. So the File Extension SVG can be applied in multiple operating system and software. File Extension SVG have the image’s data that coded in XML. With this XML data, or can be referred to as “human readable” languange, File Extension SVG can be examined without opening the file in any particular program.

Sometimes, it is difficult to find the program that will suit our need in manipulating File Extension SVG, because there are many programs that can manipulate it for free. If you only need to view File Extension SVG, the best program is your browser. If you want to create or edit this file extension, you can try Inkscape for free, or Microsoft’s Visio package.

To verify that you are working with File Extension SVG, you can open this file with your text editor. If a bunch of integers and equations formatted as XML can be read from it, then it is a File Extension SVG.


DJVU File Extension

A couple days ago, when I visited a lot of websites, I found .djvu file extension. My browser doesn’t support this kind of file extension, and there is a warning to install DJVU plug-ins if we want to see the image on DJVU format. Wow, it’s new for me, I thought that web developers only use .jpeg and .gif image format so the browser don’t have to install the plug-ins just to display the images.
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Fixing File Extension and Registry Problem

Sometimes when there is a new software launched, we want to know how it works, what is the difference with the other software that has the same functions, is that new software user-friendly enough, etc. Unfortunately, this kind of experiments can lead to inconsistency and even broken registry.
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File Extension Repair

Someday, I got a problem with my windows box. I got so many application installed and uninstalled, which generate much inconsistency and broken file type. Hahaha, this is the result of my experiments. I really like to download and install so many application from internet. Just to know how it work, how they handle user experience, how the GUI laid out. What is the best GUI solution for some applications, etc.

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