Using Dropbox For Easy File Sharing

I share docs with my colleague every now and then. Previously, I would have sent it as email attachment or upload it somewhere. But, from the moment I use dropbox, sharing documents has never been this easy!

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Dropbox Trick: Symbolic Link For Your Convenient

Trick I share here is about to obsolete once “Watch any folder support (configurable per host)” feature in Feature Request is implemented. Anyway, if you can’t wait for that feature to be implemented, you can follow my trick here.

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Remote Backup In Ubuntu Using Dropbox

Have you ever been in situation where, says, you want to work on some files, but the hard drive is broken? Or, you go on vacations or some remote location. You need to work on files on your PC, but you didn’t brought the PC/laptop nor the data with you? I experienced this kind of situations.

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