GoogleMaps vs BingMaps: Way To Go Competition!

I rarely write about the latest news in the internet. In addition to many popular websites that discuss, I also do not have the ability to write on this topic. I had no talent for writing.

However, the latest update about google and microsoft with maps product
from each other makes me wanting to write. Last week, I saw a video presentation by Blaise Aguera at TED event. Honestly, I amazed
because he managed to make Augmented-reality into searchable maps. Please see the video presentation to see how it work. After seeing the video, I feel like microsoft is starting to catch up in this competition. Well,
competition was able to make people creative!

Talk about creative, this morning I was shocked by the news of the latest updates from GoogleMaps. It looks like they too starting to counter it. Indeed, these features are not yet as smooth as bing. It doesn’t have video sync and it can’t see inside building yet. However, new features that will be announced by both Google and Microsoft in this competition is worth the wait.