Ping.FM Is great service at leveraging many-many broadcast services. With it, you can broadcast one message to at least 30 social networking and news submission sites.


Introducing [CR]Post2PingFM! A wordpress plugin that will help you easily submit status update to ping.fm. With this plugin, you will only need to enter your application key and all is set! Everytime you publish new post, my plugin will automatically help you submit that post to ping.fm.


This plugin is packed with so many useful features that will help you ease the pain or having submitted new update manually.

  • Customizable ping message. Right now, there are 10 messages you can set. The plugin will choose randomly.
  • Ability to broadcast update on all category
  • Ability to broadcast update only at selected categories
  • Option to allow ping for everytime you hit “publish” button, or only at first time you publish post
  • Option to differentiate wording on second publish / republish (based on above option)
  • Ability to set custom ping message for a particular post. You can set it at post editing window.

Many more great features are in development.


Below are some of frequently asked questions.

What is the minimum PHP requirement?

For the plugin itself, PHP4 is enough. But, PHPingFm class needed PHP5 to run properly. Conclusion? PHP5!

Why don’t you use / create a library that support PHP4

Why should I reinvent the whell? It’s you or your hosting server that needed an upgrade. PHP4 is dead, move along.

I can post to WP without problems but I am not seeing the update come into Pingfm?

First, make sure you fill in the correct Application Key. Then, set the mode to: For all categories (all)

I still don’t see any update come to Pingfm

Maybe there’s something wrong with your server configurations. Note: You need PHP5 and CURL library to make it working properly.


For further questions and feature requests, head over at my UserEcho forum.