Google Maps – City View Update

Surprised! that’s what I feel when visiting google maps this morning. Because, I can search city road around some Indonesian City and I found it!
Here’s an example of Jalan Semampir Selatan 2a, Surabaya, Indonesia:

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Google Search New Feature

I don’t khow when did they deploy this new little feature. Because I can’t find the info in the official google blog. Anyway, this feature is for some probably typo / accidental search. When you do that, google will display top 2 results in corrected keyword and the rest are results for your search. KUDOS to googler for this little feature. I really enjoy it!


PIN Google Adsense

This is what I’ve been waiting for since last year. I don’t know why my last request doesn’t come to my address, so I have to generate another one. Well, that’s not a problem since I finally got it!

Here’s some pic: