[CR]Post2PingFM Plugin Ported To [CR]HelloTXTExtended

Hello there, users of [CR]Post2PingFM!. I know how frustrating it is when my old plugin is no longer working due to incompetence people at ping.fm / seesmic. Yes, incompetence, because of bad people, they had to shutdown the whole plugin. Not just that particular bad people :(.

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[CR]Post2PingFM Update

Hi there, now that my plugin is back in business, I need few people to be beta tester for my newest release. If you would like to take the challenge, you can contact me at [email protected] and send me mail with ‘[cr-post2pingfm]Beta Tester Help‘ subject in it. Another news would be, I’ve created a dedicated support forum using UserEcho’s Open Source package. FYI, it’s a great service for creating support forum for your product. Go ahead, try it.

On a side note, I’ve received many complain that sometimes post are not submitted to ping.fm. I think I’ve addressed the problem in my soon to be released versions. Please be patience, or maybe you can submit yourself as beta tester.


CR-Post2PingFM 0.10 Released

Hi there, sorry for the last broken release. Turns out it was my mistake. I accidentally added ‘debug’ parameter to user.post:(. I realize this after downloading python API and test it with my new API_KEY. Yes, the old one is suspended and then deleted by ping.fm. But, I got the new one about 2 weeks after that.

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CR-Post2PingFM 0.9 Released

Hi, Lets start this month by releasing something cool! Do you happened to want to set custom ping.fm message on your selected post? Something other than that’s already defined on Post2PingFM config? Something that is used only on that particular post?. Wait no more, in this release, I’ve implemented that functionality.

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CR Post2Pingfm 0.4 Released

Short notice:

  1. CR Post2Pingfm is now hosted on wordpress.org plugin repository.
  2. CR Post2Pingfm version 0.4 is released with new features:
    • Submit ping on all categories
    • Submit ping only on selected categories
    • Allow submit ping on all categories, except the forbidden
  3. Any comment, bug report, feature request is accepted.

WordPress Plugin: CR-Post2Pingfm

a wordpress plugin that will automatically post an update to ping.fm for every publish.

UPDATE 6: For all plugin users, please use [CR]HelloTXTExtended plugin instead! As I don’t know how long again seesmic will resolve this problem. It’s been months without update from them :(.


UPDATE 5: I’ve created feedback forum at UserEcho. You should see that and submit question, feature request, etc to that place.

UPDATE 4: Updated! Now you can use the official KEY!.

UPDATE 3: This post has a temporary solution for current problem.

UPDATE 2: Plaese help me by asking support @askseesmic. Please use this template:

@askseesmic: Can you please check @ariefbayu’s issue regarding Cr-Post2PingFM problem?

UPDATE 1: Right now, no one can use this plugin. Because, my developer key is suspended by ping.fm. I’ve already been contacting then for assistance. Please, be patience.

Hi there, this is my second attemp at creating wordpress plugin. In this one, I create a plugin that will automatically send a short update to ping.fm for each time you hit the Publish button. To use it, you will need a ping.fm Application Key. This little plugin utilize PHPingFM API by Dmitri Gaskin.

To use it, first download the plugin and upload it to your /wp-content/plugins/. Enable it from your wordpress administration panel. Then, enter the Application Key in Settings » CR Post2Pingfm

That’s it, now, everytime you hit Publish, this little plugin will automatically post an update to ping.fm. But do remember, that once the post is published, it will never submit to ping.fm again and again. Because, you don’t want to annoy your follower right?


  • 2009-04-09 01:23:59: Download now handled by wordpress plugin repository
  • 2009-06-11 15:27:30: Version 0.7 released with main feature is the ability to republish and setting another republish template