20.000 Light Years Into Space

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Setelah beberapa tulisan yang berat, kali ini kita bahas yang ringan-ringan saja. Beberapa tulisan kedepan, saya akan bahas game di ubuntu (yang sudah tersedia di repository). Tulisan kali ini, kita membahas game bertemakan luar angkasa, yaitu 20.000 Light Years into Space.

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Lupakan Semua Password

Maraknya website-website baru akhir-akhir ini mengakibatkan banyaknya akun-akun baru yang harus diingat. Sayangnya, belum banyak website yang mengadopsi penggunaan OpenID. Tapi untung ada layanan website yang memungkinkan kita untuk menyimpan password-password tersebut di satu tempat yang terpusat dan terintegrasi dengan baik ke browser-browser unggulan seperti Chrome, Firefox, dan IE. Sayang, Opera belum didukung, karena Opera belum memungkinkan untuk membuat extensions. LastPass.com, satu dari beragam layanan penyimpan password yang ada, memiliki beragam fitur penting yang diberikan secara gratis. Diantaranya:

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Free Online Source Code Repositories

As developer, having so many code spread all over the places with little or no documentation at all is PITAS. Therefore you need to maintain and version your files. Below is some free source code repositories that support private repositories on free account.

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ImageShack Linux Uploader

Has been using imageshack for years, my only complain is the lack of desktop uploader for linux. However, few days ago, when I open up imageshack to upload some images, I stumble upon section called “More Ways to Upload”. Curious, I click it and I saw list of 3rd party apps. There’s an uploader for linux too!. A great feature that I find useful is, the ability to upload images into our account. So that I can delete some stuff that is no longer required. Oh, did I mention that it came in .deb? YES .DEB!


Test Your Site on Multiple Browser Using Adobe BrowserLab

Having Ubuntu as development environment is great! But, I things get complicated when I came to testing your site on IE. Yes, we can test it using IEs4lin project. But, my experience told me that the result is not quite the same as using IE on pure windows installation.

Yesterday, I got message from colleague at California. He told me about Adobe BrowserLab. A cool service from Adobe to test how our site looks on several web browser. It display the site like Pixel Perfect plugin for FireBug. Give it a try and you’ll be amazed!

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Employee Wasting Company Time? Spy on Them

An employee looks very serious in front of the computer. His hands move very fast in his keyboards. It’s like he’s working very hard. But after that, suddenly he is smiling and even laughing something even tough nothing is funny around him. What does he do exactly?
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Remote Backup In Ubuntu Using Dropbox

Have you ever been in situation where, says, you want to work on some files, but the hard drive is broken? Or, you go on vacations or some remote location. You need to work on files on your PC, but you didn’t brought the PC/laptop nor the data with you? I experienced this kind of situations.

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