Easy and Quick Backup for your Blu-ray Collections

Having a huge amount of movies in Blu-ray formats and wondering to backup all those to discs? or having a lot of Blu-ray discs and want to backup them to your hard disc? Well, ImTOO Blu-ray Creator 2 and ImTOO Blu Ray Ripper is the ultimate solution.
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Movies Backup Never Been This Easy

Most people who loves watching movies, like to make back up of it. So they can watch it over and over again. They buy watch it on theatre and buy its DVD. But like all the electronic things, DVD have limited lifetime. On the other hand, we want to watch the movie all over again in an unlimited time. So what’s the solution for this?

The answer is DVD Ripper. We rip dvd, convert it to various video formats, do some editing, and voila! We can watch the movie over and over again, without afraid of DVD limited lifetime. We can manage our DVD collection, without losing any file, or disturbed by corrupt file because of DVD phisically damage.

There are may dvd ripping sofware that we can use. We can use it in Windows or Mac operating system. For Mac, there is DVD Ripper Mac and Video Converter Mac. These software can convert movies in DVD to almost all video and audio formats. We can rip DVD to MP4, DVD to MPEG, DVD to AVI, DVD to Divx, DVD to WMV, DVD to WMA and DVD to MP3. Don’t worry about the quality, because this software can rip DVD in high speed and good quality that you expected. After that, you can enjoy your collection on multimedia players such as mobile phones, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, PS3, PSP, Blackberry, Xbox, and many others

DVD ripping software also allows you to do editing, such as cut and merge certain clips, crop scenes, add subtitles and watermarking. We also can set the target file size before converting it. The software can be set auto exit, hibernate, stand by, or shutdown after task is complete. To save time, this software can do the task in background.


In A Quest To Find Cheap and Reliable Hosting

Hosting is an integral part if you want to have blog for money. However, searching for good (if not great) cheap hosting is like pain in the ass. You will have to look for a needle in a mountain of haystack. I’ve been moving from one hosting provider to another one just to find my site keep down from time-to-time.

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Find Your Computer Driver Easily

During several months having new PC, I was not aware of my operating system security. I did install anti virus, but after a while, my anti virus is not up-to-date. This causes my PC is infected with some virus, so I have to reinstall my operating system.

I tried to install my operating system. Replace the old Windows XP with the new Windows Vista. Because I think Windows Vista is more powerful than XP. And I hope Windows Vista is more resistant to virus attacks than XP.

The installation went smoothly until the time to install driver. I cannot find computer driver that match with my new operating system. After googling around, I find a site that provide the application that can scan our system then find the correct driver. The application has a huge database of computer driver with driver updates for many operating system.

You just have to download the application, purchase subscription key, then it will download drivers automatically and upgrade them in just 2 minutes. You don’t have to worry about the application security, because it is 100% safe.

With over 5 million drivers in the database, this application can assure the optimization of your computer performance. It also can backup your existing driver, so it’s easy to find when you need it sometime.


Powerful Registry Cleaner for your PC

When I was a newbie user, I installed many software without considering its benefit for my system. I just wanna try to installed them all.

One day, when I was using my PC, blue screen appears. It’s freak me out. I don’t know what to do. Fortunately, my friend told me that the blue screen comes out because my registry is broken. Computer configuration is stored in registry. The registry becomes broken because I installed and unistalled too many software.

Thanks God there’s a way to mend this broken, without re-installing my system or losing any data. It’s Regwork. Regwork is the best registry cleaner for Windows. It scans our system to eliminate the error in registry and increase our computer performance.
So when your PC get poor performance, sometimes windows error message or ActiveX or DLL errors appear, or when it’s take long time to shutdown your PC. Then your registry needs to be cleaned. And Regwork can yield clean registry .

Sometimes when user gets error in their registry, they go to registry editor to manually edit them. This is risky, because a slightly mistakes can crash your entire system.
But Regwork do it differently, with simple click, you can fix your registry, clean or repair the error safely. Regwork is also featured backup files so the recovery can be easy.


Save Your Future with Gold

In this such an uncertain world, we need a form of investment that can protect our assets. Gold is one of the choice we can make. It is the ultimate asset. It is the oldest form of money and the purest. With gold we can preserve our asset of wealth because gold is the most durable one on the planet. No one can mess with the value of gold, either it is board director, central bankers or politicians. Gold is also has no debts. Gold has already survived economy history for over 5000 years.
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File Extension XML

XML stands for “Extensible Markup Language”. Markup languange means that this kind of language is decribing how a text should be formatted and structured. Markup languages is used by programmers, web designers, and also used for setting the layout of books, papers and articles. HTML or HyperText Markup Language is the most common example of markup language which follows the markup conventions.

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Webhosting That Don’t Suck!

I was randomly browse the net and googling around until I landed on this site. Weird, it is, as I never for once read a site review that there is a web hosting company that don’t suck!. Random browsing landed me to this webhosting rating site too, that told me the site reviewed in the first link is on the top ten place for Best Web Hosts 2009.

But, being on top ten doesn’t make me willing to host my site there. Because they don’t have the feature I needed most, which is SSH access!. Haha, they charge SSH access for almost $20/year. I’ll stick with my current website hosting provider for now. Because, I didn’t find any problem with it. One to two hours down time in a month is acceptable to me ;)).


Working with SVG File Extension

SVG or Scalable Vector Graphics is an open source image format. So the File Extension SVG can be applied in multiple operating system and software. File Extension SVG have the image’s data that coded in XML. With this XML data, or can be referred to as “human readable” languange, File Extension SVG can be examined without opening the file in any particular program.

Sometimes, it is difficult to find the program that will suit our need in manipulating File Extension SVG, because there are many programs that can manipulate it for free. If you only need to view File Extension SVG, the best program is your browser. If you want to create or edit this file extension, you can try Inkscape for free, or Microsoft’s Visio package.

To verify that you are working with File Extension SVG, you can open this file with your text editor. If a bunch of integers and equations formatted as XML can be read from it, then it is a File Extension SVG.