On Hosting Providers And Domain Names

These days, almost every business needs a website. Even a friend of mine who don't have a business, said he needed a website to express his point of view. If I count my friends, about 68% of them have websites and the rest are planning to have one. So how do you build a website?

One of the thing you need to build a website is that you will need to host it somewhere. For hosting server, I prefer to have a dedicated server. If budget prevent me, VPS would be enough. Why not shared hosting? Most of the time, I like to experiment on it and it usually require me to install apps and to something that would be impossible to do on shared hostings. There are this dedicated servers that caught my eyes. When checking hosting providers, I usually don't see benchmark scores right there, on their own server inventory page. Sometime, I find the scores on forums while most of the times, it is presented on some web hosting review sites. Their scores also looks pretty solid. For example, their $58 plan have 3662 pages/sec & 627 transactions/sec.

Now that you already have a hosting, you would need to buy domain name. When I first get in touch with internet, there are only limited TLD choices, like: .net, .com, .org. In recent years, many-many more TLDs popped to life, ex: .agency — if you have agency business –, .bar — perfect for your bar –, .diet — for your healthy products –, .travel — for those in travel business –, and many more. Even weird and bizarre TLDs exists, like .xxx, .red, .whoswho, .sexy, etc. Find whatever names suits your business. If you are unsure, I would recommend a .co name, since .com is already overcrowded and most likely, the name you liked are already acquired by someone else.

Author: Arief Bayu Purwanto

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