Adminer: Because SELECT query doesn’t need an overkill tool

How many of you have websites? From those of you ho do, how many are there who regularly do SELECT query against your MySQL databases? Who uses PHPMyAdmin to do those queries? Are you tired and frustrated by the heavy and bloated tools? For me, I would answer “YES” to all of these question

I know that I’ve been writing about simplified MySQL tools before. Few years ago, my lightweight tools of choice was PHPMiniAdmin. It is light, it can also do various DDL queries. However, I do have a struggle with it. I can’t seems to easily open another database in the background because the database switcher is implemented as dropdown link. For that, I have to look up another options.

My long journey to search for another alternative landed me on Adminer. Similar to PHPMiniAdmin, but with better database switching mechanism. It also has better exporting method that helped me work faster.

Author: Arief Bayu Purwanto

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