WebMaker Mentor Training Program

Last week, I flew from my home town, Malang, to Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, to attend Indonesia’s first WebMaker Mentor Training program. I was very fortunate to be able to attend this, since I was unable to attend the first day of the event due to family business.

This event was created to prepare Indonesian Reps to be able to duplicate Webmaker event efficiently and massively in their local city. Because Indonesia has very large continents spread along equatorial line, this event will help very much.

Training that day was started with Ice breaking by EATING MozCheeseBalls! yay! 😀


After this (of, before? dunno, can’t remember) we split into two teams. Mine was with: @kemiri, @yofiesetiawan, @ssetiawan, @belutz.

Then we continue with Remixathon. In this session, we explore the following questions:

  • Who in your community do you care about teaching? Why?
  • What skills or knowledge do you want to share with them?
  • How would this knowledge benefit them?
  • How can you share this experience with your peers?

We answer it on post-its and put it on papers. And then, we sorted if out into related categories.

Done with remixing our though, we have a break to pray and eat our swags! Yes, the swags was foods! another YAY!



While finishing swags, we explain our remixathon ideas.

Webmaker Mentor Training @ Jakarta - Day 2
It’s hard to explain while eating

Webmaker Mentor Training @ Jakarta - Day 2
It’s even harder to listening while eating 😀

We also have a jam session, playing Metallica’s Enter Sandman:



Done with the whole remixathon session, we continue the training with making teaching kit and activity. Our teaching kits was focused on Indonesia’s diverse travel destinations.

Webmaker Mentor Training @ Jakarta - Day 2

Webmaker Mentor Training @ Jakarta - Day 2

Webmaker Mentor Training @ Jakarta - Day 2

Webmaker Mentor Training @ Jakarta - Day 2

And the obligatory group photo 😀
Webmaker Mentor Training @ Jakarta - Day 2

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