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How I Interact With Contents

In the age of informations, news and contents are flooding our way aggressively. We will sometime feeling overwhelmed by it. Few weeks ago, a friend of mine throws a question: “How do follow news/informations?” My answer is simple, “Because I read it”. He then asked follow up question “How do you get the information?”. At that time, I didn’t answer the question. I just said that I’ll share how I know it all later. This is my take to answer the question. I will break down this writing into two different subject: Acquire and read.

How I Acquire Contents

I acquire contents from various channels: Social medias, email subscriptions, and various websites that I surfed randomly, when social medias and email subscriptions doesn’t have any interesting things to read. You might say, why don’t use RSS feeds reader? Well, I did use RSS feeds reader at one time. However, after several years, I am getting overwhelmed by the stream of unread feed and too lazy to clean up my sources. Around that time, I started to switch to twitter.

Social Media

Most of contents and informations that I gather are coming from social media. Here is my sources based on social media that I used:


Twitter is the very least used social media for me. On a daily basis, I usually check twitter for contents about 3-4 times a day. I don’t check twitter for mentions because this is automatically pushed whenever they arrived. You can check who I follow on twitter.


Most of my friends use Facebook to follow news around their friends. While this is true to me, I also use Facebook as sources for news and informations. Most of my professional friends are also in Facebook. They usually share latest technology news here (and twitter). I also follow pages from several others brands and news sites.


Google+ is my main sources for news and informations. You might consider this as a weird fact, but, if you can choose who to follow, Google+ is the best sources for informations. What I like from google+ is how easy it is to find community to follow and most of the communities are within my interest. Maybe this is because google already understand who I am.

Email Subscriptions

When joining online community, sometime, they asked you to subscribe to their list. Most of the time, I subscribed because when things goes wrong, Google is usually there to help me block the messages. To be honest, I feel pretty much SPAM free since most of newsletter I received is the one that I already subscribed to. Let me list several sources that I have in my inbox right now (a glance look at my inbox :)):

I give this one special mention because, when I can’t find interesting news or informations, almost always give me something to read. So, what is It is Contents recommendation engine that give you tailored news that is related to your reading habit. To use, all you have to do is install the browser plugin and let it scan your browser history to find news/contents that might be interesting to you.

How I Read Contents

Now that I have the news at hand, how do I read it? Most of the time, I read the contents right when I received it (or seen it). That is, in the browser or inside the app, if I receive it on mobile. However, there are times when the contents is long (or very long :D) and confusing that require me to thing deeper to understand it. when this kind of contents appeared, I usually send it to pocket to read it later. This little app is quite good at what he did. News saved to pocket is automatically downloaded and saved locally. So, you don’t have to connect to internet when you want to access your contents later. Pocket also format the downloaded contents for read. You won’t see unnecessary sidebars, ads, and other distracting part of the website.

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Author: Arief Bayu Purwanto

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