Test Your REST With RESTClient


Over the past few months since working with Tomatech, I’m constantly facing with REST request. In the past, I’ve always develop simple HTML form made with PHP to test the request. Well, that is things in the past now.

Today, for almost every REST api that I need to work with, I do the test using RESTClient. What is it, you might ask? It is a, as the name imply, REST client. A Firefox add-on that will help us do various kind of REST request.

Several of note worthy features it has are:

  • HTTP Basic Authorization
  • Custom HTTP request headers
  • Support testing OAuth request
  • Support JSON/XML syntax highlighting
  • Construct your own custom HTTP Request
  • HTTP Basic Authorization

With RESTClient, you can also see list of response header. You can also authenticate the request using Basic Authentication.

So, how do you get this little beast? Head over to RESTClient‘s Firefox add-on page and download it. One little feature that missing is, to pretty print the JSON result and also print it as tree node to navigating it easier. Well, don’t hold your breath, coz’ there is a tool to help you. It is called JSON Viewer. I actually have reviewed it before. You just need to copy JSON result and paste it to JSON viewer, format it or choose Viewer to view the result in tree mode.

Author: Arief Bayu Purwanto

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