[CR]Post2PingFM Plugin Ported To [CR]HelloTXTExtended

Hello there, users of [CR]Post2PingFM!. I know how frustrating it is when my old plugin is no longer working due to incompetence people at ping.fm / seesmic. Yes, incompetence, because of bad people, they had to shutdown the whole plugin. Not just that particular bad people :(.

But, don’t worry. I’ve finally finished porting my disabled plugin over to HelloTXT. My original plan was, to add this many features over to hellotxt’s official plugin. But, it takes a looooong time for them to reply my email.I have to ask! So, don’t wait too long, just download it below and start broadcasting your post again!

As a note, this plugin use hellotxt official’s application key. So, you have to generate user key from that application.

Author: Arief Bayu Purwanto

Hello, my name is Arief Bayu Purwanto, a 24 years old father of a beautiful daughter. Interested in online programming, linux, games, and reading. Currently working on kapanlagi.com as junior developer. I live in a relatively quite and cool place called Malang. I'm available for some freelance stuff as well as some consulting job. You can see my portofolio for some previous task I've finished and some other information related to my capability. Btw, I'm plurking here.

  • Martin

    Hi Arief,

    How do we download your plugin ? your download link doesn’t work.



    • wooops! Sorry. Fixed. You can download it again.

      • Martin

        Thanks man..!!

      • Webmaster

        Hi. The download link takes you to a sound clip site. Can you post another download link please?

        • what sound clip? I JUST click that download URL and I got the file.

        • Asshu

          I got a same problem a month ago and later fixed by Areif . Now I have checked again and it is failed .Clicking on the link doesn’t result anything now

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  • The plugin sends an update to hellotxt, but HelloTXT does not send to the social networks I have set up…

  • Asshu

    I am trying to download it. But the download link doesn’t give anything. Could you please check it?

    BTW, why don’t you put this plugin in WOrdpress’s official plugin repository?


    • Are you sure you can’t download it? because it’s fine on my site.

      I can’t put it into official repository. Because it contain API that I don’t have permission yet. HelloTXT still not responding my email T_T.

      • Asshu

        I have again replied to this comment. But it went to moderation. Please check it.

        I also suggested you to contact Hellotxt team on their support forum. I am also intimating them about your plugin on the same forum

        Update : I am able to download it now.

        • Asshu

          I have intimated HelloTxt team about your plugin and they said that their development team would look into the it :)

      • Asshu

        – –

    • ¬†realy?

  • Ayi_paypal

    not working dude, i just test it on test connection is working but if i post its not working

  • The download does not work because you have LinkWorth plugin activated on this site. The download text and links get redirected to advertiser sites. Can you disable LinkWorth so I can download your plugin. MAny thanks.

    • Woops!, I wasn’t aware of that. Thank you for your information. The plugin is deactivated.

  • Mwchuang

    the posts by this pluging were sent to hellotext,  not pingfm. How to send them to My Pingfm?

    • can’t you read? oh, sorry, you can’t read. Then I don’t have any obligation to answer your question.

  • Dfasdfdsf

    WTF….you have so much advertising going on…where in the world is the download link. shit load of redirects to the wrong pages

  • http://ivnshare.com

    what Enter FMkey ??

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, it’s strange. Test mode works fine, but new posts aren’t sent to hellotxt o_0

    • I’m sorry. This has nothing to do with my code. HelloTXT isn’t really stable. I too experience lost of messages, sometime :(

      • Anonymous

        Cheers for the fast reply!

        Maybe it is a problem with my configuration or server? I’m using hostgator. With test mode it works 100% and posts instantly with both CURL and fstockopen, I can’t get posts to automatically send to hellotxt when they are published though :(

        • can you attach the result from test mode?

      • Anonymous

        Here is a screenshot of my settings, I think I have set it up correctly. Unless I made an error with the template settings.

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