[CR]Post2PingFM Plugin Ported To [CR]HelloTXTExtended

written by Arief Bayu Purwanto on February 16, 2011 in [CR] Post to Ping.FM with 27 comments

Hello there, users of [CR]Post2PingFM!. I know how frustrating it is when my old plugin is no longer working due to incompetence people at ping.fm / seesmic. Yes, incompetence, because of bad people, they had to shutdown the whole plugin. Not just that particular bad people :(.

But, don’t worry. I’ve finally finished porting my disabled plugin over to HelloTXT. My original plan was, to add this many features over to hellotxt’s official plugin. But, it takes a looooong time for them to reply my email.I have to ask! So, don’t wait too long, just download it below and start broadcasting your post again!

As a note, this plugin use hellotxt official’s application key. So, you have to generate user key from that application.