Dropbox Trick: Symbolic Link For Your Convenient

Trick I share here is about to obsolete once “Watch any folder support (configurable per host)” feature in Feature Request is implemented. Anyway, if you can’t wait for that feature to be implemented, you can follow my trick here.

Warning: All trick described in this page is intended for use on linux machine only.

Now, to be able to sync any directory you want outside dropbox’s main directory, all you have to is just symbolic link it. How, you might ask? Here’s the step:

  1. Open up terminal window
  2. Once loaded, go to your dropbox directory. Eg: cd /home/arief/documents/Dropbox/
  3. Now, symbolic link any directory you want to sync with this command: ln -s /path/to/directory/you/want/to/sync (please pay attention on trailing slashes, in which I omitted. You need to remove it to be able to use ln command properly.)
  4. That’t it, you should now see that dropbox tryicon is synchronizing your directory.

Author: Arief Bayu Purwanto

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