MyBrute: Online Fighting Game

MyBrute is an online games where two character fight each other in an automated way. You can’t interfere their fighting moment nor help your character fight better. It’s just like putting bugs in a box and watch they fight each other. Nothing more.

But, I like it’s simplicity, because it has sweet character and level design. They are all beautiful and good looking. To start playing this game, you just have to go to my brute and select character you want to use. After that, just watch how they fight each other.

My experience with mybrute is great. One day, I had a fight with a character whose skill stat is twice as big as mine, but I won! because I acquire a club which does HUGE damage. But, the other day, I lose to character that is almost twice as low as mine. Damn, he had DOG! and shuriken. With shuriken, you could inflict small damage, but multiple times! I had 6 attack in a row just from shuriken. It’s unfair, but I’m happy.

Take a look at this youtube video for more information:

Author: Arief Bayu Purwanto

Hello, my name is Arief Bayu Purwanto, a 24 years old father of a beautiful daughter. Interested in online programming, linux, games, and reading. Currently working on as junior developer. I live in a relatively quite and cool place called Malang. I'm available for some freelance stuff as well as some consulting job. You can see my portofolio for some previous task I've finished and some other information related to my capability. Btw, I'm plurking here.