How To Create MySQL Database on Ubuntu

So, you have choose to live with ubuntu. That’s great! But you came from windows world where there’s so many mysql frontend application in which you are able to create table easily. That’s OK, we also have many mysql front-end applications in linux.

One of the best mysql front-end tools for linux IMO is tools that came from mysql company itself, namely MySQL Admin and MySQL Query Manager. We could install it this way, open up your terminal and type sudo apt-get install mysql-admin mysql-query-manager. After the application is installed we can start it from Development menu or type mysql-admin in terminal. When mysql admin show up, we will see a mysql login window. Please enter your mysql server host, your username on that mysql server and the password for that username. After that, we will see the main window of mysql admin. To add a database, go to Catalogs tab and right click » Create schemata on schemata panel, then fill in the database name you want.

To create a table, click on our newly created schemata and click on Create Table button. We will see a window where we could add table name, comment, fields and indices. Please enter the table information that match your need. When you finish, click on Apply Changes. A new window will show up containing the INSERT SQL command to be executed, that is useful for us to examine it and modify it if needed before mysql admin execute it.

That’s it, now we have new database schema and a table. It is easy to create mysql table on linux.

Author: Arief Bayu Purwanto

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