Using SVN to Easily Update Online Project(s)

I guess all of you are already know that Version Control System is a good tools to manage your project files. Be it a collaboration project or your own single man project. I have several online projects, some are my own projects, some are paid projects. Some I’m the only developer while some others are collaboration with friends or my employer’s staff. I manage my project’s script using SVN. I also set up sub-domain for testing purpose.

For example, I’ve a gambas snippet site called gambas world. It has sub-domain, let’s call it (It’s not the real one, because I don’t want you to know it >:) ). For both of this, I create a subversion repository on this site. I also has local copy to work on it while off-line. I usually develop it on my laptop before testing it using real data from the main site on my development site. After feature(s) I want is ironed out, I update the main site from SVN.

This technique helped me greatly, because I don’t have to remember what file(s) is updated since last upload. It also help me reduce bandwidth usage. Because I don’t have to upload all files just to make the site updated!. While on collaboration project, it help me find out who edit what file(s).

Author: Arief Bayu Purwanto

Hello, my name is Arief Bayu Purwanto, a 24 years old father of a beautiful daughter. Interested in online programming, linux, games, and reading. Currently working on as junior developer. I live in a relatively quite and cool place called Malang. I'm available for some freelance stuff as well as some consulting job. You can see my portofolio for some previous task I've finished and some other information related to my capability. Btw, I'm plurking here.