Using Geany’s VTE

written by Arief Bayu Purwanto on August 26, 2008 in Tips N Trick with no comments

As a PHP programmer and a linux user, I use shell a lot. You may asked, Why did PHP programmer need shell?. Well, I do use PHP, but most of it isn’t for HTML coding. It’s utilities for my job. Let’s say, I depend a lot on PHP-CLI. My job involve, edit script, run it, edit again, running it again, and so on. You see how tedious my job is. But, using geany, I can cut time on switching between editor and shell.

Geany has built in terminal emulator. You can use F4 to focus on it or select it’s tab on the bottom part of the editor. Press F2 to go back to editor area. And here’s the best part, geany is able to execute your PHP file right into the VTE panel. Just use F5, and cursor focus will move to VTE then launch php "your.file.php". Brilliant feature!. Oh, and there’s another use. I have several files on the same directory. With VTE, I can open it by executing command geany "" and it’ll opened on current geany instance!.

Disclaimer: All features and command described here is from the latest geany SVN trunk. I know geany that came from repository has VTE too, but I don’t know how it handle PHP execution mode.