WordPress 2.6 Upgrade Experience

Dunno if others have this issue. I’ve just upgrade my wordpress installation to the newly released version 2.6 “Tyner” yesterday. I didn’t check each page, just look at the frontpage and see that it’s working. Install gear to have the “turbo” feature, test it and see some positive speed up loading progress.

After look at it’s front page and check a couple plugin to see it it’s working correctly, and it is. I close my blog and back to my work. Earlier this morning I update my blog and still, not check it on it’s page when published. Just look at it on preview page which isn’t using permalink. All is OK until I open my blog from my RSS reader and see the “page not found” page. Whoa, what happen to my blog. Check another post and see the “page not found” again. Weird, there has to be something wrong with yesterday’s upgrade.

OK, lets see which part is broke down by the upgrade process. Pause a moment… and I found and idea that I should refresh my permalink configuration. I open the permalink setting page, edit the setting, press “Save Changes”, edit again to it’s previous setting and press “Save Changes” button again. Open a random post and I see it. Yay, so the problem is permalink. A little googling revealed that this issue has been surfaced since 2.6-beta3 and didn’t fixed up until today!. Dooh!!!

Author: Arief Bayu Purwanto

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