Setting Broadcom Wireless Device in Kubuntu in detail part 1

Well, This actually is an alternative solution from my previous post. This time, the problem still the same. But I did using different method. Instead of using driver from installer which is came from CD included with my laptop. I’m using driver that’s already installed on my laptop. Why I did this? because I don’t bring the installer and I’m just reinstall my kubuntu with ubuntu 7.04 Fiesty Fest.

If you want to know how I did this, it’s just simply change the path from driver installer path to an already installed driver. Here’s the step:
1. download and install recent version ndiswrapper
2. locate where’s your windows driver file. In my box it’s c:\Program Files\Broadcom\Broadcom 802.11\Driver\bcmwl5.inf or using linux path it’s become /media/sda1/Program\ Files/Broadcom/Broadcom\ 802.11/Driver/bcmwl5.inf. for the sake of this tutorial, let’s call our driver path as {driver_path}
3. now install out driver using ndiswrapper :
     – sudo ndiswrapper -i {driver_path}
     – sudo ndiswrapper -m
     – sudo modprobe ndiswrapper
4. remove broadcom’s kernel module which is installed by default on [K]ubuntu edgy and fiesty.
     – sudo rmmod bcm43xx
     – sudo echo "blacklist bcm43xx" >> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist or if you want to play,
       open /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist with your default editor (remember, you must be as root when opening it) and add the following line : blacklist bcm43xx

Now our wireless card is already installed. To check it, will continue on part 2.

Author: Arief Bayu Purwanto

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