Android APK Auto Builder – Part 1 : Setting Up Server And Gradle

Over the past few weeks I've been toying with the idea of automatically build and send test APK to fabric when I pushed update to server repository server.

The very purpose of this research is, so that I don't have to manually build an APK and upload it to crashlytics. A process that could took time between 5-15 minutes between gradle build and actually find the generated APK and upload it to crashlytics. Sometime, it took more than 20 minutes on low internet connection. The time that I can use to drive home, since, usually, I upload APK to crashlytics at the end of the day.

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Cara Upload File Dan Form di Android Menggunakan OkHttp

Beberapa tahun yang lalu saya sudah pernah menuliskan tutorial yang sama. Saat itu, belum banyak library HTTP yang sangat memudahkan developer. Sekian tahun kemudian, saat ini, banyak sekali library, wrapper, framework yang sangat memudahkan developer android dalam membuat aplikasi. Tulisan kali ini saya ingin membagikan bagaimana cara kita melakukan upload file dan data dengan menggunakan OkHttp.

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Check If Date Is Within Supplied Range Using Joda Time

Supposed you need to know if certain date is within a given range of dates, here is how you do it using JodaTime:

//initialize a start & end time variable
DateTime start = new DateTime(1434931200000);
DateTime end = new DateTime(1435276800000);

//supply the start and end to an interval object
Interval interval = new Interval(start, end);

//this is the time that we need to check
DateTime timeToTest = new DateTime(1435046200000);

//now, check if the time is indeed within out specified start and end range
    System.out.println("Time is within range.");
} else {
    System.out.println("Time is outside the defined range.");    

Teach Your Kids To Understand How To Code

Being a programmers might not be for everyone. But, understand how program works can benefit almost everybody. I remembered how I learn to code, how to have the right mental blocks. Because, to be a programmer, you are not only have to understand the language but, you also need to understand logic. Why is something work like this, why the code produced that output.

Understanding variables, loops, functions, logical structure is the basic that every programmer must know. For kids these days, there are so many tools and apps to help them. They Don’t have to be a professional programmers. But, by understanding it, might open up a whole new point of view.

I am Programmer and honestly, I don’t push my children to be one. But, from their early age, I already teach them logic. I am not introducing them to actual languages though. The learning curve is too steep for them. They’re children after all. Games is their world.

So, I introduced them to the world of programming by playing with it. To do that, I use ScratchJr from MIT. It’s the stripped down version from the desktop. But, for now, it is quite enough for my children. With it, they can learn loop, object, and interactions. I plan to introduce them to the full version when they’re old enough and understand English. Here are some of the results that they’ve produced.

Another app that I use to teach them is “The Foos“. It came in the package of games with 3 star achievement. My kids loved both apps and I can’t wait to introduce then the a whole new level of learning to code!

Fixing SmartLocation Doesn’t Work On Devices Without Google Play Services

Hi, me again in this quick tips. Stumbled upon a problem where SmartLocation library doesn’t work on devices without google play services. Apparently, you need to change the location provider and LocationParams config. Below is gist I created:

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This Is How You Get Healthy While Playing Game

People said too much computer games will make you lazy. You will ended up sitting all day, limit your social life. What if, there is a game, a computer game that embrace you to actually go out, walk, run, and that sort of physical stuff. A game that will force you to meet an actual people in the actual offline world? Is there such a game? and if there is, will you play?

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On Hosting Providers And Domain Names

These days, almost every business needs a website. Even a friend of mine who don't have a business, said he needed a website to express his point of view. If I count my friends, about 68% of them have websites and the rest are planning to have one. So how do you build a website?

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